Monday, October 26, 2009

Change Your World

I know, it's been long since I have been offline. Sorry for that.

In ISCA, we started this series of projects called, "Change Your World". It's a series where it challenges us to change our world.

We are all so excited, even after our first session, about changing our world for the better. The videos we watched were stirring and compelling. We had a great time with the sessions.

In our cell group (rotibab1), we thought about how we could actually change our world. We had an idea, our CG's assistant leader saw a website which talks about Adopting A Child. They would choose for us which child they want us to sponsor, (not our choice!) and we would pay for the child's various needs. (sounds more like Sponsoring A Child) We haven't decided whether we should actually go for this campaign, but I'm hopping is a yes.

Other CGs are doing some other projects to change their world. Some want to visit the old folks home, others want to give gifts to the poor in the Rifle Range Apartments. This project is making big impact to churches all around Penang. I hope this projects will give me courage to change the world :)

Oh! Another thing, after these sessions, we'll be doing is to have a rally with all the other youth churches, this rally is titled: Change The World; It Starts With YOU!! Peeps who come for this indoor rally will have a free CD from a popular christian rock band (O0ps, I forgot the name of the band <:P ) For more info, call Wilson at 012-5717065.

-Bryan Chin-

Monday, May 25, 2009

Casandra's leaving...OOOH! Well miss u

There is always a time to have fun and be together. But there's always a time where somebody have to leave.

Our dear Casandra Tham is leaving for Perak (or Sarawak, that's what Bernard said). I don't know her, but I do know her brother, Derrick Tham. I could picture her sitting with Sarah Choong, crying *sob, sob*... But I'll remember her in my heart.

I leave the rest of this page for you. Feel free to edit if you know her and miss her.

-Bryan Chin-

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Shack...ooh I love it!

Hi. do you want to read a novel that really is an impact and is wrestles to what we know about Christianity? Then I suggest that you would have a copy of The Shack. It is really moving and really impacts the way I see Christianity. It is sooo... indescribable. I really wish you would take your time to have a look at it!

-Bryan Chin-

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I don't know how to say this.

If you would have read the second last blog, You would have had in mind to ask me one month later about the camera (if your really like a camera fan like me), and wait for my answer. Well, that won't be necessary.

I'll give you 1 minute on what do I mean there...

Finished? OK! Keep whatever you have thought in your mind and maybe if possible, go to our cell group on Friday, or send me an email at and ask about what do I mean.

Thank You =D

-Bryan C-

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alert! Alert!

Attention Here!

Pls, put your post so that we can get more info about you and get to know each other.We do want to be friends with you, so please get the password from our Cell Group Leader, and share your heart and experiences. We want to help you.

I feel so humiliated: Why am I the only person Posting?

And rotibatuans. Joshua really wants you to let the pubic know who we are. So, like he insisted, PLEASE POST!!!!

Now i say again...

Thank you for your attention

Person In Charge of post: